DigitalResults – Programmatic Marketing Consultancy

Taking organizations to the next level of Programmatic Marketing. Accelerating your digital performance via data driven online advertising.

Why choose for DigitalResults?

We at DigitalResults realize that programmatic marketing is no simple matter. We help organizations to develop and understand cutting edge digital marketing, in order to make your company less dependent on outside services. We are independent consultants bringing programmatic knowledge in your organization. We are not an agency selling online media.

Our offerings includes setup, management and staff training on:

  • Doubleclick Campaign Manager (adserver & media tracking)
  • Doubleclick Bid Manager (demand side platform)
  • Doubleclick Studio setup (creative development and hosting)
  • Google Analytics (website tracking)
  • Google Tag Manager (pixel management)
  • Relay42 (data management platform)
  • Facebook Atlas (cross device tracking and more)

The advertiser challenges in digital advertising

Transparency: Costs insights? Which kpi’s? Display fraud? Publisher insights?

Control: How to reduce media waste? How to optimize on incremental sales?

Data: Which audiences to target? How to connect customer data? How to optimize cross device sales?


Media control

Data connection

Our clients & partners

Mobile advertising

Our services

Mobile media consultancy
Mobile data consultancy
Mobile audiences
Tech setup

Video advertising

Our services

Video media consultancy
Video data consultancy
Video audiences
Tech setup

Social advertising

Our services

Facebook advertising
custom audiences
cross devevice tracking
cross device advertising

Our Team Members

Arjan Grootveld
Arjan GrootveldDigital marketing & technology
Programmatic marketing, Advertising technology, Digital advertising
Mark Tober
Mark ToberDigital marketing & strategy
Programmatic marketing, Online strategy, Digital advertising
Jeroen Egging
Jeroen EggingSales
Digital marketing, Online sales, Search engine marketing

Why Choose Us? DigitalResults

We love marketing & technology!

We are digital marketing experts with a passion for results. We work with top e-commerce companies on digital advertising and programmatic marketing.

Programmatic experts in DoubleClick

Digital marketing 90%
Programmatic strategy 95%
Project management (DSP/DMP) 85%
Campaign managment (display, mobile, video, social) 85%
Analytics & insights 80%


  • Independent consultancy
  • Up to date knowledge
  • Flexible resources (in-house consultancy)
  • Proven track record
  • Let’s reduce media waste and maximize sales!

Our field of expertise and consultancy


Ad serving
Tag management

Online marketing
Tech supplier
Media agency
Programmatic expertise

DoubleClick implementation

Technology implementation
Technology setup
Campaign setup
Branding & Performance
Prospecting & Retargeting
Desktop, mobile, web, app
KPI’s and reporting

DoubleClick optimization

The basics
Performance optimization
RTB, private deals, managed deals
Media quality and RTB fraud
Training DBM and DCM

The next steps
DMP connection
3rd party data
Rich media, video advertising, TV/radio…
Cross device optimization
DoubleClick beta features
Facebook Atlas…

“The move from buying Media to buying Audience is a conceptual shift. We combine technology, data and people to deliver relevant ads.”

Arjan Grootveld, Display Marketing Manager at KLM

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