DigitalResults – Programmatic Marketing Consultancy

We build relevant and personalized digital marketing journeys. We accelerate your digital performance via programmatic marketing.

Who we are?

We are programmatic marketing experts. Helping advertisers with one-to-one digital marketing campaigns and technologies.

We work with top e-commerce organizations on digital transformations and taking online marketing to the next level. We help organizations to develop and understand cutting edge digital marketing.

We are independent consultants bringing programmatic knowledge in your organization. Helping advertisers to be personal and consistent across all touchpoints of the customer journey.

We support advertisers in:

  • technology setup (DSP/DMP selection and onboarding)
  • use case delivery (DSP/DMP campaign implementation)
  • campaign management (display, video, social)

Our offerings includes consultancy, project management and training on:

  • Relay42 (data management platform)
  • DoubleClick Bid Manager (demand side platform)
  • DoubleClick Campaign Manager (adserver & media tracking)
  • DoubleClick Search (search engine advertising)
  • Facebook Atlas (cross device tracking)

The advertiser challenges in digital advertising

Data & marketing: How to create a single customer view, cross device and channel? How to connect your data (online and offline) to engage customers and deliver big results?

Media efficiency: How to reduce media waste? How to optimize targeting and create personalized communication?

Customer Journey: How to orchestrate the customer journey and be relevant at the right moment, with the right message, on the right channel?

Data & marketing

Media efficiency

Customer journey

Marketing technologies


Our services

data strategy
data profiles
data collection
connect every channel and technology


Our services

orchestrate the dialogue


Our services

dynamic creatives
consistent across all channels
relevant across all touchpoints

Our clients

Display advertising

Our services

Display strategy
Display media consultancy
Display campaign management
Tech setup

Video advertising

Our services

Video strategy
Video media consultancy
Video campaign management
Tech setup

Social advertising

Our services

Facebook advertising strategy
Facebook advertising consultancy
Facebook advertising campaign management
Tech setup

Our Team Members

Arjan Grootveld
Arjan GrootveldDigital marketing & technology
Programmatic marketing, Advertising technology, Digital advertising
Mark Tober
Mark ToberDigital marketing & strategy
Programmatic marketing, Online strategy, Digital advertising

Why Choose Us? DigitalResults

We love marketing & technology!

We are digital marketing experts with a passion for results. We bring up-to-date knowledge with a digital smile. We offer flexible consultancy.

Programmatic experts in DoubleClick and Relay42

Digital marketing 90%
Programmatic strategy 95%
Project management (DSP/DMP) 80%
Campaign managment (display, video, social) 85%
Use case delivery (DMP) 95%


  • Independent consultancy
  • Up to date knowledge
  • Flexible resources (in-house consultancy)
  • Proven track record
  • Let’s build relevant and personalized digital marketing!

Our field of expertise

Programmatic setup

Tag management
Dynamic creatives

Online marketing
Tech supplier
Media agency
Programmatic marketing


Technology setup (onboarding)
Campaign management (optimization)
Display strategy
Programmatic deals
Video advertising
Mobile advertising


DMP onboarding
DMP use case delivery
Campaign management

“The move from buying Media to buying Audience is a conceptual shift. We combine technology, data and people to deliver relevant ads.”

Arjan Grootveld

Programmatic marketing scan

How to take programmatic marketing to the next level?

Our ‘Programmatic Marketing scan’ provides hands-on insights on your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges. Topics we cover are:

  • organizational setup & expertise
  • marketing technology setup
  • media transparency
  • digital marketing campaigns
  • data availability
  • external programmatic industry trends